77-271.1.2 Phoropter Ocular

Phoropter slide detail
Phoropter slide interpretations

Found slide case, etched glass, ink, paper
9"h x 7.5"w x 1.75"d (closed) (July 2011)
This project was part of a show called "The Hunt," curated by Beth Robinson. Each participating artist was randomly assigned an object from the OHSU Historical Collections and Archives, and asked to respond to it. I drew a "phoropter ocular," of which you can see a picture here. It's an early version of that device you look through at the optometrist's, when they flip levers and ask you if can see better now...(flip)...or now.

Rather than as a tool for the patient to look out of, I re-interpreted it as a tool for the operator to look in with. You can read my artist statement, written from the perspective of the operator, here. I also created some index cards, to give some idea of what the operator was noting while examining a patient's eyes. You can see those here.